Our 17metre Rollover Carwash is about as reliable as you can get! It is maintained and serviced to the highest standard and we have even installed heaters inside to keep it open for you no matter how low the temperature! It is an Istobal M-17 model and it takes two cars at once, one in the washing bay and the other in the drying bay. Because of this, the capacity is up to 22 cars per hour! The Foam Brushes are quiet, efficient, gentle and paintwork friendly.

There is a choice of 4 different programs, starting from £4.

Our recently installed Istobal Jetwash is a great alternative to the CarWash, perfect for bigger vehicles, motorbikes, trailers etc. It is located in its own dedicated bay so you can spend as long as you like washing your vehicle. In addition, at the press of a button, you choose how long to spend on each function so you will not have to move on to the next option until you are completely ready.

In addition to this, we also have a Car Vac facility, as well as tyre pressure monitors and water 'top up' dispenser.